Friday, March 30, 2012

It's All Mental?

In the past, even when I was running consistently, I would have those days where I just Could. Not. Do it.  Running 5 miles one day would be a piece of cake, and then 2 the next day would be unbearable.  I tried to reason it out (did I eat something different today?  get less sleep?  park in a different spot at the gym?), but eventually I just chalked it up to being mental.  I wasn't quite sure I was going to have a good run that day, and so I didn't.

As of January, I've been running in the Road-X 238.  After not running for 6+ months, I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly I've been able to get back up to speed.  I feel like I'm running faster and further, with less effort than ever before.  In just a couple of short months, I feel stronger than I did after years of consistent running.  Is it the shoes?  Has my form improved so drastically that I'm already reaping the benefits of natural running?  Or is it all in my head?  Maybe it is a mental game, but at least I'm winning this one.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

“The Little Steps and the Arms Flailing Out...”

The title of this post is two-fold, it describes what I fear is what I look like while running and it is a lesser known Seinfeld reference that makes me laugh.

Back to running…I am still thinking that my running form must be improving, but I wish I could see it to know if I look ridiculous or what I still need to work on.

This concept has floated across the internet for some time, but it is too relevant to not include in this post:
I feel like I am running with good form, or at least better form than before, but I wish I knew exactly what I looked like. Am I just flailing about with no regard? Am I trying so hard to land on my forefoot that I look like a fool? Or am I actually doing it right? How does one know?

Any words of advice?

Maybe I need to have someone (a friend or family member who will no doubt make fun of me if I am, in fact, flailing about) to film me for a brief run so I can get a look at myself.

If anyone has suggestions, please share!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Hittin' the...treadmill?

Although I said I wanted to become a more natural runner in every sense of the word, I have been running on the treadmill lately to get myself back into the running groove. I run before work and don’t particularly feel like running in the dark (a.k.a. wearing a reflective vest), so I opt for the indoors option. I am very much looking forward to earlier sunrises.

So needless to say, I have been hitting the gym with all of the retirees who still get up really early for no reason and one guy who leaves me in his treadmill dust, and I have been logging 3 mile runs 3 days a week on the treadmill. Although it is boring, my runs have been easier than
expected. I have been focusing on my form and trying to pay attention to where my foot is landing. Using some videos and articles I found online (see below), I have practiced how it should feel to run correctly, and I think it is helping.

I feel as though I am running a bit faster without as much effort. I don’t even realize how far I have run because it just doesn’t feel as tiring. I am sure this has nothing to do with the mildly entertaining VH-1 programming on the TV directly in front of my usual spot (TI and Tiny, Basketball Wives, Mobwives…the list of TV gold goes on), which I am usually
embarrassed to be obviously watching so I pretend to look at the TV to the left of it while I plug into my machine’s audio. Besides being impressed that I don’t actually need to see the VH-1 shows to follow along, I am shocked at how much of an improvement I have experienced with
my running from just being mindful of my form.

Here are some of the links I have referenced in my quest to perfect my form:

Do you pay attention to your form when you run or do you just go for it?

Do you have any sites or resources you recommend on running form?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Let's Get Started!

Nicole and I have been running periodically for years (see our bios here), but we have worn traditional sneakers from the start. Ghazy isn’t an avid runner, but wants to get more into it while starting off on the right foot: the natural one.
We are getting started on our transition together, and we hope you will join us.

Stay tuned for posts with our experiences as we go natural!

Are you joining in? What is your story?