Friday, March 30, 2012

It's All Mental?

In the past, even when I was running consistently, I would have those days where I just Could. Not. Do it.  Running 5 miles one day would be a piece of cake, and then 2 the next day would be unbearable.  I tried to reason it out (did I eat something different today?  get less sleep?  park in a different spot at the gym?), but eventually I just chalked it up to being mental.  I wasn't quite sure I was going to have a good run that day, and so I didn't.

As of January, I've been running in the Road-X 238.  After not running for 6+ months, I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly I've been able to get back up to speed.  I feel like I'm running faster and further, with less effort than ever before.  In just a couple of short months, I feel stronger than I did after years of consistent running.  Is it the shoes?  Has my form improved so drastically that I'm already reaping the benefits of natural running?  Or is it all in my head?  Maybe it is a mental game, but at least I'm winning this one.


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