Thursday, March 29, 2012

“The Little Steps and the Arms Flailing Out...”

The title of this post is two-fold, it describes what I fear is what I look like while running and it is a lesser known Seinfeld reference that makes me laugh.

Back to running…I am still thinking that my running form must be improving, but I wish I could see it to know if I look ridiculous or what I still need to work on.

This concept has floated across the internet for some time, but it is too relevant to not include in this post:
I feel like I am running with good form, or at least better form than before, but I wish I knew exactly what I looked like. Am I just flailing about with no regard? Am I trying so hard to land on my forefoot that I look like a fool? Or am I actually doing it right? How does one know?

Any words of advice?

Maybe I need to have someone (a friend or family member who will no doubt make fun of me if I am, in fact, flailing about) to film me for a brief run so I can get a look at myself.

If anyone has suggestions, please share!



  1. Ha, I love the pic! Let's videotape each other next week and see which version is more accurate. :)

  2. I've been running natural (with the odd bit of barefoot) for around three years. The biggest help I had was searching for footage of barefoot runners online. In my case it showed me where I was going wrong.
    A lot of advice suggest keeping your arms close to your body, your upper body upright (not leaning forward) and your head up looking ahead.
    Your forefoot should touchdown below your hips, in line with the rest of your body.

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