Monday, June 25, 2012

A Slave to My Routine

I was so proud of myself.  If you've been reading my posts, you'll know that I've been in the best place running that I've been in a very long time.  I had my routine down to a science, and it was working.  So why "was" I so proud of myself?  My routine changed.  Over the past couple months, I've been traveling.  A lot.  Like, more than not.  Suddenly, I didn't have access to the same treadmill or the same neighborhood route at the same time each day.  I wish I could tell you that I adapted, worked with what I had, and ran some new routes.  I didn't.  I stopped.  If I couldn't run at 12:32pm every day, I didn't run.  The end result was being able to count my runs over 6 weeks on one hand. 

I flew in last Friday to some rain, beyond frustrated with myself and the weather.  I found myself driving directly from the airport to the gym.  I parked in a different spot, and I didn't get on my usual treadmill.  Instead of plugging my headphones into the TV and telling myself I was going to run for 45 minutes, I plugged into Pandora and said I was going to run for 10 songs.  I was completely out of my comfort zone...and I ran for 55 minutes without even realizing it.  I can't pinpoint why I was able to finally change it up, but now I have the confidence that the next time I travel, I'll be able to adapt and get my runs in.  #committed

Do you have a routine?  How do you adapt when your routine is interrupted? 



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