Thursday, August 9, 2012

Training for the Office

Caitlin, Nicole and I have been training for our upcoming Spartan Race this Saturday. I will be running in my f-lite 230's to see how they do in an obstacle race, as will Caitlin, but Nicole is going to be trying out the new Trailrocs.  

All of us feel  like we are prepared. Yes, we are road runners at heart, but we are no strangers to CrossFit workouts and off road runs. Each of us have been adding in even more diversified training to help us prepare – hitting up the CrossFit box next to our office and getting muddy on the trails a little more than we are used to. 

In addition to our #committed training, we have also been having a little fun with it in the office. 

 How are you training for Spartan

1 comment:

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