Monday, August 27, 2012

Training starts NOW!

I have a confession to make, although I have been running regularly for nearly 10 years, I have never run a race (unless the Main Dunstable Elementary 6th grade race counts). Yes, it is shameful.  Since the age of 18, I have braved New England snow at 5am, ridiculously angry geese along Boston’s Charles River, and wild animal encounters while living in Northern NH, but I have been too nervous to sign up for a race.
As you know, we are running the Zappos Rock ‘N Roll Half this December. December 2nd to be exact; making it around 15 weeks away. Besides a few “woo Vegas!” thoughts, I have had a lot of “can I handle it?” thoughts. I am a regular runner, but the farthest distance I have ever run is 7 miles…and that hasn’t been recently. In transitioning, I have done a lot of 2-3 milers while adjusting to new shoes, and a 5 miler maybe once a week. That being said, I am starting my training. TODAY.

I found a plan online that features a 16 week guide that I am going to be following (adjusting a little for the timing). Although it features only 1 -2 miles in the first couple of weeks, I am going to use that time to continue to transition in my shoes and be more aware of my form.

So, who is joining us? Have you started your training?


  1. I hear ya! I have done a few mud runs, but have been nervous to attempt a marathon or even a half mary. I've been running in minimalist shoes for about a year now - give or take - but still find it challenging. I can do five miles quite comfortably, but am still working my way up. Keep it up, you can do it. Transitioning takes a long time.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Dominic! You should sign up for a race near you as well. It is a great challenge and truly motivating me to push my runs further. Keep us posted on your transition, and share your struggles and achievements here and on facebook. Or, if you are up for it, meet us in Vegas for the half and tell us in person!

  3. Hi Alena,

    It's Alex from Spartan Race. I'm training for The North Face 50. Are you interested in doing some trail runs on the weekends?


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