Tuesday, September 18, 2012

inov-8's Commit Around the Clock Relay

My schedule last weekend:
1:00pm run
2 :00pm  keep running
3:00pm still running
4:00pm umm…run
5:00pm run, run,run!
Saturday 1:00am runnnnnn
2:00am yawn while running
3am maybe sleep while running?
4am Just. Keep. Running.

You get the picture- I participated in a relay this weekend! If you haven't ran in a 24 hour relay before, it's where teams....run...a lot...for 24 hours (or more)! I spent this weekend running 200 miles with 11 of my friends from the mountains of New Hampshire to the coast. It's always loads of fun- lots of smelly runners, baby wipes, vans with window paint, horns honking, the smell of icy hot mmmm.

Now, my 200 mile race was split up among 12 runners. On the other hand, we have inov-8 sponsored athletes who run 24 hours straight all by themselves- Anne Lundblad placed 9th in the 24 hour World Championships in Poland 2 weekends ago running 138+ miles in 24 hours!

This got us thinking.  We realized that with all of the #committed inov-8 fans we have, we could make one killer 24 hour relay team. So, we want to do just that- Join us for the Commit Around the Clock Relay (#CACRelay), Saturday, September 29th. It will be virtual, so all of you can participate no matter where you're from. And even though it’s a team effort, there will be individual prizes.

Oh, and did we mention, there will be a grand prize of a pre-release pair of running shoes from inov-8's new Road-X Treme line due in Spring 2013?

How it works:
On Saturday, September 29th, you will pick a time for your run, and run as many miles as the hour is, i.e. if it is 7am, you run 7 miles, if it is 8am you run 8 miles, if it is 9am you run 9 miles.

Before heading out for your run, tweet to @inov8Run your planned mileage based on your time (5@5! or 6@6!) with the hashtag #CACrelay and your shoe size (in case you win!). Then check back in on Twitter (follow the hashtag) when your done to let us know how it went and see if you won a prize!

We will award a t-shirt every hour and as we accumulate miles, we will also give away shoes! At the 155th mile, we’ll give away a pair of Road-X 155s, at the 233rd mile, we will give away the Road-X 233, at the 255th mile, we'll give away a pair of Road-X 255s. Then after another 155 miles, we'll give away some more Road-X 155s. So, if you want a chance at winning shoes and a t-shirt, you may have to run twice…which we know you all can and want to do!

At the end, we will select a grand prize winner to receive a brand new pair of pre-release inov-8 Road-X Tremes which will available in stores Spring 2013.

Let’s see how many miles we can log next weekend, and maybe we can even break some records!


  1. Awesome idea! I'll be rocking the trailrocs at the VA Warrior Dash on the 29th and look forward to checking in, likely on my run that eve - let's get out there and break some records!

  2. Your schedule is crazy! And that clock is crazy!! I need one of those on my desk!! What a great motivator!

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