Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Training Inspiration- The Chicago Marathon

I have to admit, one of the many things that I was excited about when taking this job with inov-8 was the prospect of traveling to iconic events, races, and competitions across the country spreading the good word about inov-8. Attending these events you get to watch the most elite athletes in the world compete. You see them push themselves to run 4 minute miles for 26 miles, or work out at maximum capacity for 4 days in a row, or run through the night through the woods by themselves. When I see that, I can’t help but think, “gee, maybe I CAN push myself HARDER"... for my 1 hour or 45 minute workout each day.

 “Do you push yourself this hard every day?”

This weekend inov-8 was at the Chicago Marathon- our first big road marathon. Attending the Chicago Marathon for the first time reminded me of the first time I saw the Boston Marathon. Watching the sea of thousands and thousands of people flooding down the streets, pushing themselves towards their goals and the feeling of accomplishment while millions cheered them on mile after mile- it gives you a rush of energy, empowerment, a sense of community- it makes you want to run.

The Chicago Marathon this weekend also reminded me of the reality of race day/weekend.  Hanging out at the expo all weekend, I met people who have been preparing for months and who are anxious, nervous and excited for the day that they’ve been training for. It made me think about how real my race was and how soon it was coming! I better get in gear!

So, I was inspired by all of these athletes and ventured out into this new city. I took my training down the Magnificent Mile, along the edge of the Lake Michigan, by the Sears Tower, down through Old Town, and wherever my inov-8s took me.  Now that I’m back from my trip- I just have to keep remembering that energy that I will feel on race day- and how ONLY MY ACTIONS NOW can improve how I feel on that weekend. Thanks Chicago and all of you that raced Sunday for inspiring me. 


  1. You know you have made it in life if you have been through hard times and you can look back at it and smile.

  2. If you can CONCEIVE the fact that you will complete the workout, if you BELIEVE you will complete the workout, you will ACHIEVE it!

  3. If you WANT the prize enough you will WANT to pain of the workout enough!

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  5. Success and victory is but one step at a time away!

  6. When your legs gets tired, swing your arms harder and your legs will follow.