Starting in February 2012, a group of us here at inov-8 will begin our own personal transitions to natural running (learn more about inov-8’s philosophy and transition story here). We are all familiar with running to a degree, but we are each working toward personal goals while adjusting to natural running and improving our form. In this blog, we’ll track our progress and share with you any experiences or tips that can help you make the transition yourself.

Meet the Runners

Nicole’s bio: First off, I’m not a “runner”; I’m just someone who enjoys running.  I began running casually in 2008.  I mostly ran socially, often running small races with a group of friends and colleagues.  In 2011, I reinjured my back, an injury originally suffered in a 2004 car accident.  The cause of the reinjure, I was told, was the impact of my running, and I’d probably never be able to run without back pain again.  I began doing research, read Born to Run, and became convinced that natural running was the answer to my problem.  I was so impressed with inov-8’s approach in particular that I applied for a position with the company, and now am lucky enough to make this transition as part of my recovery and my job!  

Lizzie’s bio: As a runner, I am about as far from “natural” as you can get - I have been running in thick soled shoes for years, I can’t run without my iPod, I usually hit the treadmill, and I have an obsession with all things Reese’s, and nothing natural tastes like that peanut-butter (this is not a normal obsession but more like an I-know-the-schedule-of-when-the-seasonal-shapped-Reese’s-appear-in-stores obsession).  However, after starting with inov-8 in November, I have been inspired.  In college, I was running seven miles about five days a week along the Charles River in Boston. Over the years, my scenery isn’t the only thing that has changed. I developed knee problems which slowed my pace and reduced my mileage to maybe three miles a couple of days a week. After learning the ways natural running can help me reduce my injuries and improve my time, I am excited to start this personal challenge and get into a natural running routine while working on kicking reducing my consumption of partially hydrogenated peanut-butter products.